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Drawn’n dat nuji’ beehive hair!

Meeting drawings of J-Goots and Megan “Storm” Petasky.

"Stop talk’n n start Christopher Walk’n!- Roger Young


PROCURA-SE: Este cara é mais bravo que touro em rodeio. Melhor tomar cuidado com este bandido! #FestaNoCéu, 16 de outubro nos cinemas

Oh snap my Book of Life Bandidos wanted posters! Circulating the Interwebs!


Book of Life kids books just came out! :))) I got to help out and paint one of the books (Bet on It) along with some of my other coworkers who drew the background layouts. It was a super team effort between like 5 of us to get the books done in a super short time. 

The actual book illustrations are a bit spoilerish though, so here’s an unofficial style test I drew/painted did before we started the books, it was done in my own time to my show my take on the characters in a simpler kid’s-book style. It was based on a scene shown in the trailer. 

I’ll post the rest later (maybe after the movie is out).

Check out Alison’s Book! You can get a copy on Amazon!

Made by the art crew that worked on the Book of Life movie….so go get you some copies mang!

Check it out, I am officially a children’s book illustrator! :D @mexopolis @alisketch @emcguire @elisehatheway @sarahkmarino

Not gonna lie, feeling a bit rusty.

Some figure drawings from yesterday’s lunch session.

A interview with Jorge Gutierrez the director of The Book of Life, a movie I had the honor and privilege of working on! Worthy listen!

Lil’ Skid Turdable

Good Ol’ Steve Humpton, an all American man.